witty kitty creations

I’ve discussed my founding of a greeting card companyas a child, but I haven’t talked about its current state. In 2012 I finally decided to start selling my paper goods on Etsy and began with a calendar. It seemed that the name Kitty Witty was too juvenile, but letting go of a brand I’d been building for most of my life seemed like a bad idea, so I added a touch of sophistication by swapping the words around. Witty Kitty Creations was born!
Then came the designing for mass production. A digital logo, brand colors, typefaces, business cards, etc needed to be made. And though I’d love to hand-make everything, the digital format is really best for stationary and paper goods in terms of efficiency and quality control. So I thought I’d share the transformation of my brand over the years, my creative process, and archive my products here: